Nurse with assistant doing anal

Blonde Slimthick Vic is a nurse at an assisted living facility, and she does everything to make the residents feel at home. The orderly, Hollywood Cash, has admired Slimthick for a while, bidding his time until he can ask her out. When Hollywood sees an old resident grabbing Slimthick's ass and rubbing up against her perfect tits, he's had enough! Hollywood disguises himself as the old man and lays back to have A slimthick dote on Him. but when Horny slimthick Discovershollywood's hard cock under the covers, the jig is up! Lucky for Hollywood, a big, thick cock in Slimthick'samazing ass is exactly what she's beencraving. models: slimthick Vic, Hollywood Cash, Shaundam.
Uploaded: (20 may 2023)
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