Entertaining CHEMISTRY OF Love: mentos And Coca cola in anal

Entertaining_CHEMISTRY_OF_Love:_mentos_And-Coca_cola_in anal.mp4
IT’S BETTER NOT TO READ this spoiler, and don’t think about - THROAT BLOWJOB, YOU HAVE TOsee Everything for yourself. .. who didn’t already know this joke from Chemical experiments with Mentos-Tablets and coca cola drink, now you Will see it all Clearly: a man shoved mentos tablets into the brunette’s torn ass, and Did-A SMALL enema straight from a bottle of coca cola. as a result of this chemical reaction, almost instantaneous and very violent gas formation occurs, AND the result of the experiment was not long in coming: the girl immediately farted with an enema fountain right into the face of the young chemist andinto His cell, and then, sitting down on the floor, she was simply amazed by how which continued to happen in her ass. ..it’s A pity that this is only a short excerpt, because it’s very interesting what would happen next, AND what would happen if you then fucked her explosive ass. .. if they taught chemistry at school this way, almost everyone would be excellent students and, most importantly, excellent students!
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